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Sage to Xero Migration Case Study

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The Company: XYZ Ltd | £4.5m turnover | 20 staff | Technology Manufacturer

The Background: XYZ had been using Sage since the business started in 2001. The finance director was comfortable with it and his small team were accustomed to several workarounds so weren’t keen to change. The Sage limitations were being tolerated but an array of spreadsheets were needed to produce basic management information.

But the company needed to change, it was stagnating, and needed to become considerably more agile. It needed to provide better customer service and the management team needed better and more readily available data to inform their decisions as they adopted a new ambition of rapid growth.

XYZs accountants (a medium sized firm) seemed quite happy with Sage and content with charging a five figure sum for providing year end accounts several months after the year was finished. They weren’t advocating making any changes at all. But once we showed XYZ what they could expect to get from Xero they knew it was what they wanted and needed.

The Decision: So, when they notified the incumbent accountants that they wanted to migrate to Xero, the firm seemed to suggest that Xero is for small companies and, although they were Xero partners, they didn’t really recommend it. Could they help with the migration? ‘Well we do have some people that understand that sort of stuff and might be able to help but really we’d rather you just stick with Sage’.

By now XYZ had clearly noticed the difference in thinking between their existing advisors and GS Verde Accountants and asked us what we could do. We said yes we’re certain that Xero can see you from £4.5m to £20m; yes we could lead the Sage to Xero migration; and yes, we could also contribute to the integration to the new manufacturing application software that XYZ were deploying. And just out of interest, we also know that once we have done the migration and integration we could also virtualise your entire finance department and offer you an entire finance service that includes full bookkeeping; all payments to be made and collected; payroll; vat; monthly accounts and full reporting on both financial and non-financial data. And we can do it more efficiently, give you real time data and by the way also save you a significant amount of money.

We mapped out the migration and integration project and gave them a fixed price to deliver it. Then we agreed an SLA for an ongoing virtual finance department and calculated a monthly subscription rate.

XYZ said yes please to both.

The Project: We created a joint project team from both GS Verde Accountants and XYZ; assigned the tasks and agreed the timescales. We met together weekly to review progress and were in contact on a daily basis. As ever there were some moments of pain and some things that we needed to learn but at the end of the planned three month process we were there. Xero was live; Sage was archived and switched off; the manufacturing application was deployed; and GS Verde Accountants are fully connected to XYZ and running all of their accounting processes remotely. This specifically includes the core bookkeeping which we have streamlined using Xero and which we pay huge attention to because we know exactly how it underpins every piece of data that the business needs to maximise its potential.

The Outcome:

So now, this company, which has already grown to £7m turnover, has no finance department of its own. But they have better processes and better data than ever before - all delivered by GS Verde Accountants using Xero.

And, for the first time, the Managing Director has a real time dashboard that keeps him entirely up to date all day every day, on his own set of key performance indicators in the business including orders, shipments, margins, cash, delivery on time, service calls, response times, and customer happiness ratings and he can see it anytime anywhere on his laptop, tablet, phone or if he’s desperate – even on his watch.

Of course, there is a whole lot more to this story than we can possibly fit here. If you’d like to know more and understand how moving to 21st Century systems can deliver so much more than just better-looking software then you really do need to get in touch with GS Verde Accountants. We look forward to hearing from you.

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