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Having struck out on his own 5 years ago, an entrepreneur had grown his telecoms business to over £1m sales by delivering exceptional customer service.

When we were about to install comms at our own purpose-built offices in 2018, this telecoms supplier was highly recommended to us. Both during and after the installation, we have enjoyed a quality of response and service that we are delighted with.

But it turned out that this was not just a one-way street.

Before appointing GS Verde Accountants, the business owner was very happy with his previous accountants but, through his regular visits to our offices, he became aware that something different was going on. Without any prompting from us, he discovered the level to which we were integrating easy to use technology into our clients’ everyday processes to save them effort and give them better information to run their businesses.

‘I like the way GS Verde Accountants think about technology’ he said and in early 2019 became an GS Verde Accountantsclient.

We provided our standard services at first and demonstrated ways to use Xero that he had never seen before. Our new client saw the opportunity to free himself from the day to day accounts processes that weren’t really part of what he set up in business for.

He has relished the opportunity to engage GS Verde Accountants a finance department that delivers everything his business needs without employing a single finance person inhouse. He and his staff are liberated to focus on comms and opportunities. A financial dashboard facilitates good strategic decisions and helps the owner monitor key aspects of his business.

This process has been so effective, it’s led to the owner being able to step away and leave the day to day running of the business to his team whilst he is still able to see everything that’s going on. Being free to do so, he has been able to identify another opportunity and take over the running of another company.

‘I feel valued as a client. I get rapid responses to any emails or calls; and I must say my main GS Verde Accountants contact is brilliant’ and, ‘I already feel freer to concentrate on setting the strategic direction for the business and we are now focussed on getting to £10m within the next 10 years. Having gone through the set-up process, I now have better information than ever with less effort than ever. And yes, it does cost us a bit more, but it’s worth every single penny, every single day.’

Asked to put that final score on the GS Verde Accountants service, the owner simply said – ‘the absolute highest you can.’

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