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To the founders it seemed like a simple idea at first. Specialise in service and maintenance of heavy plant, make the service really good and grow through recommendation.

A company was started and it grew more quickly than the founders expected. Bookkeeping fell to Founder 1, even though she had no prior experience, and she set about trying to create systems to keep track of the business. Founder 2 and a team of engineers (not fans of admin) travelled the country fixing machines and running up expenses.

Workload was growing with an increasing to do list; jobs to be invoiced, spare parts to be sourced, cash to be collected, payrolls to run, VAT to be sorted and the accountants were waiting for year-end data so that the founders could find out whether or not any money was being made. So, just as she reached breaking point, Founder 1 sent out an SOS for a good accountant and two separate friends recommended GS Verde Accountants.

We stepped in and immediately worked on setting up new systems. We implemented bookkeeping on Xero, linked up with HubDoc and sorted integrated charge cards for the team. Within weeks, sanity was returning and we were now able to provide something the business owners had never had before. Access to monthly management accounts so that performance could be tracked and measured in real-time. Immediately the business started to grow up.

Jobs were analysed, areas of focus determined, the business model was fine-tuned and the right markets were targeted. The result is a business that is delivering what the owners actually want. Profitability, growth, well managed cash, a feeling of security and peace of mind.

‘GS Verde Accountants have taken so much pressure off me’ said Founder 1, ‘everything is up together and I am free to concentrate on the things I know about’.

After all, why should every start up or growing business have to go through the pain of re-inventing the wheel and creating their own accounting processes? Why not adopt a set of tried and tested services delivered by GS Verde Accountants that allow you to get on with the stuff that you really wanted to do when you started the business in the first place? And that give you the timely data that you need to manage your business better?

The founders are paying GS Verde Accountants more than they paid their previous accountant. Significantly more. But they’re in no doubt that the service they are already receiving has transformed their working life and is ‘worth absolutely every single penny – this is the single best decision we have made in the last year. For every single person we have spoken to at GS Verde Accountants, nothing is too much.’

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