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Strong financial management adds value to a business

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Two friends decided to set up an online business in their specialist field. They did a great deal with a developer and more importantly a very smart SEO expert. Very quickly their new business took off.

They didn’t spend money on fancy premises and they kept all their costs as low as possible. The business started growing rapidly and generating a healthy cash surplus. Preparing timely management information was a low priority and everyone was running fast to keep up with demand.

Then, this meteoric business caught the eye of a larger competitor, who made an approach. The absence of reliable and up to date financial data made it difficult for the owners and the potential acquirers to assess the real value of the business. The discussions did not progress.

It was time to change tack and we had a conversation. We knew that we could add real value to this business. We can use 21st Century technology to run their finance operations better; we can give them better data than they have ever had; and we can help them prepare for due diligence. We can create real tangible value, so that the value they perceive in their business can be recognised by others. After all, why wait for due diligence to really examine your business? Why not effectively run due diligence on a permanent basis and know that your business really is in good shape?

They agreed. We moved in with our systems and they started getting rich data. Proper rich data that helped them run their business. That helped take all the energy and momentum of their business and steer it in the right direction.

Now they know where they are, and they know where they are headed. They have a plan, a set of KPIs and they can monitor performance daily. They now run less and think more.

They’ve done a deal in another sector in their market and again things have taken off. They couldn’t have done this without the new calm in their business. And they are now prepared for the next approach.

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